Domain Registration

Domain name registration is the process by which a company or person can secure a website domain name, like, .in, or any other. Once you have completed domain name registration process. The domain name is become yours for the contract period , usually for one year or more than one years and you can get the registration for 10 years at a time. Before registration expires it must be renewed, otherwise the domain name would being available to the public and any one can perchage.

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) manages the international Domain Name Server (DNS) database. ICANN insures that all registered names are unique and map properly to a unique Internet Protocol (IP) address. The IP address is the numerical address of the website that tells other computers on the Internet where to find the server host and domain.

Domain registration is available to the public via a registrar or registration deportment. But the process is generally affordable cost. Before a domain name registration can be approved, the new name must be checked against existing names in the DNS database. The online registrar provides a field into which you can enter your desired domain name and sequence—- that is, the letters that come after the "dot." Familiar series are .com, .net, .org, .name, .info and .biz. If the name is not already got, it is available for domain name registration until one get it.

You also can check your domain availability using input your desired domain name into the input box and check any extention name and click button Go. You will find the availablity, if it is not available you can also find the related sugestion of the domane names. If you find right domain name available then plz contact to the No. 7428171624 and we will be availabe for your help.